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KB Detailing works with all cars that Glasgow has to offer, from fords to ferraris, wedding shows to motor shows. We have built up a reputation as one of the best and most reliable car detailing and valeting services in Glasgow, Scotland.

We provide a mobile service where the people of Glasgow can get their car washed and valeted the proper way, using the correct techniques, from their own house or work place, and no matter how many times the car has been washed, always keep that amazing showroom shine.

Everything from Paint correction, leather rejuvenation, ceramic coatings to removing smoke odours. You name it, we have it covered. To check out our services click HERE or to see some pictures off our previous work click HERE. We also have numerous contracts with work places all across Glasgow. If you would us to come and valet employee’s cars don’t hesitate to get in touch and give us a call.